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02 Sep

CBD is still a relatively new industry, and therefore, it’s widely misunderstood despite the massive amount of case studies that seem to confirm its claims.  While CBD is a remarkably fast-growing market, many people are still hesitant to give it a try for themselves.  Additionally, lots of business owners are afraid to start selling hemp-based CBD products in their stores despite the fact that it’s federally legal.
The truth is that there’s nothing to be scared about when it comes to CBD, whether you’re a consumer who is trying to treat a health issue in a natural way, or a business owner who wants to start providing hemp products to customers.  In fact, CBD is only going to become more mainstream as time goes on, which means that now is the time to start exploring it for yourself.
Why Are So Many People Scared of CBD? It’s understandable that CBD is scary to a lot of people.  Like we said, the industry is new, and with any new product, people tend to have trepidations about diving into it headfirst.  However, as you’ll see, there’s really nothing to be scared of.  Between positive changes in legislation and lots of clinical studies demonstrating its effects on the body, CBD is a highly stable and dependable market, and the real deal, most likely, in terms of the natural health and wellness world.We’re gonna into the reasons why people are hesitant about CBD, and we’re also going to help ease your concerns with actual facts.

Reason #1: It’s Closely Associated with Marijuana Yes, CBD and marijuana have a lot in common, and no one is trying to deny that.  However, that doesn’t mean that they deliver the same results.  CBD that’s sold commercially comes from the hemp plant.  Now, the hemp plant and the marijuana plant are cousins, both belonging to the cannabis family.Marijuana, as we all know, makes users high because of its psychoactive compound, THC.  THC is the compound that delivers those mind-altering effects for which marijuana is known.  In the marijuana plant, THC exists at a high level.There is THC in the hemp plant as well, but it’s actually not enough to make a user feel high, because it’s too low to give the plant psychoactive properties.  In the hemp plant, there’s no more than 0.3 percent THC, and that means that it’s physically impossible to get high off of hemp no matter how you consume it.Also, it is worth pointing out that CBD also contains too low an amount of THC to cause a person to fail a drug test.  So, if that’s your concern, that information should put your mind at ease.
Reason #2: Its Legal Status is a Bit Murky It can’t be denied that the legal status of CBD has been a bit all over the place over the years.  Up until just a few years ago, CBD and other hemp derivatives were illegal because the cannabis family was classified as an illicit substance according to federal law.  But CBD is now legal because legislators have separated hemp from its psychoactive cousin, which means that according to federal law, CBD is legal to consume, purchase, possess and sell as long as it comes from the hemp plant rather than the marijuana plant.However, state laws and town laws have their own ideas regarding CBD, and it’s important to read up on those before you start using or selling the compound.  However, generally speaking, you won’t go to jail for using CBD.
Reason #3: It Might Not Be Good for Them A lot of people are concerned about the safety of CBD, and that’s perfectly understandable.  No one wants to take a health product that could actually be dangerous.  The good news is that CBD has widely been shown as a relatively safe product.  In fact, because it’s nontoxic, it can be taken in large doses.  And, it hasn’t been shown to lead to dependency or the development of a tolerance.CBD is considered this way because it supplements the body’s endocannabinoid system that should be producing cannabinoids on its own.  The body takes CBD and uses it to aid in the health of the body while storing what it doesn’t need for later use.  Therefore, it’s not a drug, but, rather, a supplement.  Many people take it daily like they would a multivitamin, with no ill effects.Now, of course, everyone’s body is different, meaning that you might be one of the rare people to have a poor reaction to it.  That’s why you should always start with a low dose and tell your doctor that you plan on taking CBD for health reasons.
Reason #4: It Might be a Passing Trend That’s Already on its Way Out A good number of people aren’t buying into CBD because they feel that it is a passing trend, and we can’t blame them.  The natural health & wellness market’s notorious for presenting the general public with cure-all fads that turn out to be disappointments.  However, financial predictions indicate that CBD is a bit different.  It appears that the market will be worth $22 billion by 2022, meaning that it’s safe to assume that hemp is here to stay.So, why do financial experts have so much faith in CBD compared to other natural health trends?  Well, quite simply, because it appears that it works.

Reason #5: It Might Be a Waste of Money In order to get high-quality CBD, you will have to spend some money.  And, for this reason, a lot of consumers don’t want to invest in it.  After all, what if they spend $100 only to find out that the product doesn’t actually work?The truth is that CBD is that expensive for a reason.  It’s a highly concentrated product that’s loaded with beneficial plant compounds.  In order to make a product that’s potent enough to work, a lot of CBD has to go into the formula.And, by now, there has been enough research to demonstrate that CBD is not a waste of money in terms of its effectiveness.  There have been loads of clinical trials that have shown that CBD has a legitimate potential to help with a wide range of health-related ailments including arthritis, anxiety, depression, migraines, seizures, concussions and more.  Therefore, you have a good chance of getting your money’s worth when you splurge on a high-quality CBD product, whether it’s a tincture, topical cream, vape oil, edible or capsule.
Truly See What the CBD Market Has to Offer The CBD industry might be intimidating to a large number of people, but as time goes on, it will be clear that it’s so much more than a passing trend.  Clinical studies have shown that CBD has the real ability to help people, and that’s why it’s absolutely worth trying out for yourself.