This new full spectrum sleep tincture from Lazarus Naturals is a high potency sleep aid with the perfect balance of CBD, CBG and CBN to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. Because Lazarus Naturals Sleep Tincture contains such a rich cannabinoid and terpene profile it can help promote deep relaxation, relief from muscle pain and a sense of calm without intoxication. Each 1ml of Lazarus Naturals Sleep Tincture contains 30mg of CBD, 10mg of CBG and 10mg of CBN. To find the right amount of Sleep Tincture for you, start with 1ml and adjust as needed. Ingredients: Organic Hempseed Oil, Organic MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract


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To find the amount of Sleep Tincture that is right for you, start with 1-2 ml and adjust as needed. Each milliliter contains 30 mg of CBD, 10 mg of CBG, and 10 mg of CBN.

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